I did it in the Kitchen

Not to many years ago I found it perfectly reasonable to place myself on top of the highest pile of dirty laundry in my Man Cave and announce that for dinner I will be making reservations. I now find myself older than 40 and younger than 100 and both the Man Cave and the need for constant table service is no longer fashionable. Today, I find myself residing in a loft condominium with a skylight and lots of windows so I literally see the light every day.

I do have to admit that the development of my culinary skills starting with Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and building to Lamb and Eggplant Pastitsio has been, to say the least, slow. For the longest time mixing things up in the kitchen meant boiling water on the front burner rather than the back in preparation what ever version of 9 minute pasta was the entree of the evening As of late, the pace of change has quickened in large part because of the influence 2 of my friends and a culinary website.

My friends Tammy and Alejandra are passionate about food, blogs, and Twitter Accounts and they spread their enthusiasm all over the web. Their Tweets have subjected me to a constant barrage of 140 character messages extolling the virtues of farmers markets, favorite recipes, and restaurant reviews salted with irreverent humor that turned out to be more than I could bear. I eventually found myself surfing the web to figure out how to find recipes and give them a go in my kitchen.

I now have a fondness for Mediterranean cooking having successfully prepared meals guided by recipes from Italy, Greece, and Morocco. A special note on Tandoori Chicken: I apologize to the country of India and Indian people everywhere for what I did, it wont happen again.

I hope you’ve been as entertained by this posting as I’ve been in learning how to cook, what a hoot!

Links to more great stuff

Epicurious is my favorite culinary website to surf for ideas:


To track the adventures of my 2 friends:

You can follow Alejandra on Twitter at @frijolita and check out her blog at: http://alejandraowens.wordpress.com/

You can follow Tammy on Twitter @floridagirlindc and check out her blog at: http://floridagirlindc.blogspot.com/


2 responses to “I did it in the Kitchen

  1. I’m impressed. It wasn’t that long ago, you learned to add salt to the boiling water! I remember the purchase of your first pot. Great seeing you Saturday. Love the blog.

  2. Thanks David, your comment is the first ever on my blog! (insert fireworks)

    Salt, water? hmmm…

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