My Friend Tara has Talent!

The play Drunk With Hope in Chicago, written, produced, and staring Tara Handron, has been selected to be part of the 2010 Chicago Fringe Festival for the performing arts.  If you live in Chicago, know someone who lives there, or will be there yourself between September 2nd and September 5th, attending a performance of this show is well worth your time and effort.

Tara is an amazing woman with considerable talent who has taken on one of the most difficult, sometimes controversial, most times avoided, personal and societal issues that is alcoholism.  Her one woman show tells the story of 20 different women as they suffer through active addiction and awakening through 12 Step recovery. Her seemingly effortless transitions from one character to the next transport her audience from mother to socialite to night club party girl to professional woman over course of a one hour show.

Tara is a dear friend and, as it should be, our friendship has created a bias so I’m pleased that the professionals from the DC Theater Scene are joining me in complementing a recent performance:

There are a number of ways a solo show can go wrong: narcissism, meandering (or lack of) narritive, simple difficulty sustaining audience interest, and so on.  That Tara T. Handron avoids these in her one-woman performance Drunk With Hope In Chicago is commendable.  That she does so in a show about alcoholism, a subject matter that is as frequently covered as it is sensitive, is a real accomplishment.

To check Chicago area show times, theater location and other logistical information for Drunk with Hope in Chicago , or to buy tickets, just click on either of the links in this sentence.


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