UPDATE: Caps Need to Win

In late July I posted a dump and run purge of last season’s first round, one and done playoff disaster,  the Capitals need to win, and concluded the road to redemption for this team starts with a collective chip on their shoulders and ends with hoisting the cup.

Yesterday’s WP Caps Insider provided evidence of the emerging chip from veteran RW Mike Knuble after yesterday’s morning skate at the Caps practice facility.  The journey begins:

“I expect, right from Day One, we’re going to be judged on our playoffs,” Knuble said. “We know how we’re all going to be measured is the playoffs, not the regular season.

“We’re going to play well during the season, we’re going to have a good record; there’s no denying or changing that, but what happened makes everybody take a step back and makes everybody a little more angry than hungry,” Knuble added. “I think everybody’s a little pissed off this year and can’t wait to get to spring. It’s going to be a long 7-8 months to get to the playoffs for us.”


One response to “UPDATE: Caps Need to Win

  1. Looooooonnnnnnng way to the playoffs start again. The Caps need to avoid mental and physical burnout.

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