Friday Post: Randy Moss to MN

Former New England Patriot Randy Moss’s trade to the Minnesota Vikings this week for a third round draft pick has me thinking the Patriots had no intention of re-signing him when his contract expires at the end of this season. It just might be that Randy’s I’m not appreciated monologue delivered at his week 1 post game press conference was his way of saying I see the exit sign posted over my locker.

In a recent column on this trade, Fan House NFL writer J.J. Cooper reinforced my Randy seeing the writing on the wall theory when commenting on the Patriots long-term view on player personal:

In trading Randy Moss to the Vikings, Patriots Coach Bill Belichick continued to do what he’s done for a decade. He’d rather get rid of a player a year too soon rather than a year too late, and he continues to stockpile draft picks at a nearly unprecedented rate.

With the absence of a Super Bowl Championship, 2007 will more than likely be the most productive year of Moss’s career.  The talent merger between Patriot Quarterback Tom Brady and Moss created an offensive explosion for the record books but not the trophy case with the team’s only loss of the season happening in the game that counts the most (ouch).

The long-term and short-term benefits of this trade for the Vikings and the Patriots are debatable but there’s no denying that Randy Moss provided Patriots fans, me included, with Kodak moment after Kodak moment with his on the field heroics and that even with his most productive days behind him he’s still one of the most talented and feared receivers in the NFL.


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