Six Games Down, 76 to Go

First, lets deal with formalities; starting the 2010-11 82 game regular season 4-2 is great stuff. The Washington Capitals are an elite NHL franchise and as long as they stay relatively healthy they will stay on nearly every credible list of Stanley Cup contenders.

Now, about last night…

Last night the Boston Bruins beat the Caps 3-1 on home ice.  The view from my seat showed that the Caps had more talent, more scoring chances, and more game than the Bruins yet they lost 3-1, hmmm….

They played tough for nearly 60 minutes yet from time to time during last night’s contest those Bears just seemed to have broader shoulders. Bruins Captain Zdeno Chara’s 6’ 9” 255 pound frame had valiant Caps bouncing off and falling to the ice on a regular basis.  They’re clearly not going to beat this potential playoff opponent like this.

In order to win they need to take advantage of power play opportunities. Last year they had one of the most feared power plays in the league with many of the goals scored with a man advantage having significant impact on the outcome of games.  The Caps went 0-5 last night including a brief 2 man advantage in the second period.  A power play goal could have provided the momentum the Caps needed to win this game and they need to change this.

Let’s hope redemption comes on Thursday night when the Caps take on the Bruins up in Boston.


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