Caps Update/20 Minutes at Starbucks

Rather sedate crowd on the patio this afternoon, it’s a sunny 71 degrees and these people just don’t look like hockey fans, they have no idea what their missing.

The Capitals won last night 4-3 in overtime against Atlanta.  Other than recording a win, the big news was Alexander Semin leading the offensive attack with a hat trick, (that’s 3 goals for those new to the game) and the outstanding effort of center Mathieu Perreault playing alongside him. Perreault was called up from the Caps farm team, the Hershey Bears, yesterday and assisted on 2 of Semins’ goals.  The Caps need an offensive spark and if Perreault’s play is consistent over the next couple of games he may be playing in the big league for the foreseeable future.  He had the same opportunity last season but wasn’t quite ready for the NHL grind and was sent back down to the Bears, the next couple of games will be very telling.

The Yankees are playing golf, the Redskins play at 1, and the Patriots at 4:15. Normally I wouldn’t mention the Redskins but their fortunes affect so many of the locals around here that it’s best if they win.  All is well with the sporting world…for now.


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