Thought About Not Voting

Not voting has never been in the cards for me, I registered as a Democrat on my 18th birthday in my hometown up in New Hampshire and have cast ballots in nearly every Primary and General Election since.  With that said, I have to say the thought of not voting crossed my mind and today’s trip to the polls was the most disheartening I have ever taken.

There was no line to wait in to cast my ballot, no great policy debates among candidates to consider and no contested races to decide.  We did have a ballot measure to vote on but my fellow Democrats rule the roost in DC so the Mayors race and most other races were decided a month ago on Primary Day.

There’s a great debate going on in this country and every American voter except DC voters have a chance to cast a meaningful vote in this years Election.  Taxation without representation is worth fighting for and until DC wins this fight our votes don’t count.


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