Caps Win, Ovi’s Breakout?

Two embarrassing shutout loses over the course of 3 games for the Washington Capitals at the hands of struggling opponents dumped gasoline on the fire and …..…..the fire was doused with a 3-2 win in Raleigh.

All things considered, the speculative doom shared by many appears to be premature, but after the 5-nothing shutout in North Jersey I too considered an all points bulletin to find Dr. Melfi.  There’s been little news on her status since the Soprano’s final season but I considered it just the same.

Time will tell if Wednesday night’s contest in Carolina was the breakout game that lifted Caps Captain Alex Ovechkin’s performance back on top of it’s familiar pedestal.  One solid performance doesn’t define a trend but sure can spark one.  Ovi’s numbers Wednesday night against the Hurricanes suggest he’s lifted his game:  assists on all 3 Caps goals, 10 shots on net, and 5 hits that included a tempo setting open ice leveling of Canes RW Chad LaRose.

Turn’s out they didn’t need couch time with the Dr. Melfi to win; practice time with coach Boudreau worked wonders.

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Boudreau calls Ovechkin and Backstrom (combined five points) “exceptional” in#Caps 3-2 win over #Canes

One response to “Caps Win, Ovi’s Breakout?

  1. I think Dr. Melfi is hot….

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