An Update…

My interest in using this blog as an outlet for spreading the world according to Ken has been more ebb than flow over the past couple of years. Is that about to change, I don’t know but I have things to say.

The past couple of weeks has been about asking for help in coping with a recurrence of serious back pain. Part of me wants to rail against our American pull your self up by the boot straps, do it yourself independent value and while another part says leave me alone, I have this taken care of. The truth is that so called value is a load of you know what. None of us arrived on the planet by ourselves and we don’t live on the planet by ourselves. There’s evidence of this independence in everything. Who made the computer I’m using to write this? Who grew the beans for this mornings coffee? Why is there so much relief when I confide my pain to a friend? I think you get the picture.

I think the Buddha was right when he encouraged his followers to take a middle path in life. What this means to me is taking responsibility for helping others where I can and asking for it when I need it myself, life is a 2 way street for those opting in.

An amazing amount of gratitude has come out of a brief update on this blog. Yes, I have serious back pain and I’m crossing my fingers that it’s not another pinched nerve but my vision has been broadened. My gratitude list starts with being able to breath in and out and extends to the coffee I drank this morning, family and friends that I’ll be connecting with later today, and a host of other things.


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