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Hockey’s Brian Burke

Being a passionate Washington Capitals fan my blog postings generally handicap the ups and downs of the team but today’s post addresses a far different issue that has a high-profile advocate in the NHL – Gay Rights.

There are many activities in life that are impacted by government and politics and in many cases for good reason.  The recent debate on Capitol Hill that resulted in enough votes to overturn the Defense Department’s discriminatory don’t ask, don’t tell policies on gay people serving in the military is one of those cases.  The vote left me proud of the President and Congress for standing up for the rights of people to be who they were born to be without fear of recrimination.

The debate also reminded me that the fight to end discrimination is not over and on how important it is to do the right thing in the circles we travel in.  A recent GQ story on Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke and his son Brendon speaks to the fight to change the attitudes and actions that populate the testosterone-laden landscape of professional hockey.

Brendan was met with love and acceptance when he came out as gay to his family, friends, and most of the hockey world.  His young life was tragically taken in a car accident last February and since that time his father has been sharing his story through the media and public appearances to fight discrimination.  Brian Burke is a leading figure in National Hockey League and he’s a leading figure in the fight for equality, he does the right thing in the circles he travels in.

GQ – Out On the Ice, by Mary Rogan