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The Clouds Parted, the Caps Debacle Ends

The skid mark created by the Caps losing streak spanned nearly 3 week and 8 games and their nightmare ended Sunday night with a 3-2 win over the Ottawa Senators in Canada. Thank you Jesus, Buddha, Allah, and Einstein.

Generally it’s good form for the Caps legion of bloggers to launch into the ups and downs of the previous game time performance of the Red brigade, but due to off ice distractions and dismay that’s encircled America’s Hockey Capital, today’s posting is departing from the norm by including hockey musings and the Caps Grammar Breakdown.

First, the Caps weekend: split decision.

Saturday night: Bitten by Bears in Boston, Caps lose 3-2

Lethargy describes the Caps effort after the puck dropped in Boston and it stayed that way until Matt Bradley dropped the gloves and went all Marquess of Queensbury on Bruins brute Adam McQuaid in an attempt to motivate his brethren on the bench. He ended up getting his butt kicked and followed suit by scoring a goal keeping the Caps in the game.  His reward from the team for this gusty performance was a spirited but failing 3rd period comeback attempt that fell short of placing that elusive notch in the win column.  The skid mark was extended to 8 games when the horn blew on this one. The game started with the Caps sitting on top of the SE Division and now has them occupying the 7th of 8 seeds in the Eastern Conference.  What a tale, showing up to play for half or two-thirds of a game will do this for you.

Sunday night: Redemption in Ottawa!  Caps win 3-2

Before the Sunday night game in Ottawa I heard speculation that the Caps left the country by choice but I can assure everyone it was the schedule that dictated the trip.  The lethargy cloud picked up in Boston reappeared during the first period with in Ottawa with the Senators closing out the first 20 minutes up by two.  The Caps came out in the second and never looked back by scoring 2 goals in 46 seconds before the period was a minute and a half old.  For the rest of the game they played with passion, they shut down Ottawa in the neutral zone, they killed off penalties, scored on a Power Play of their own and they crashed the opposition net repeatedly. This win enabled the Caps to end the weekend where they started, in first place in the SE Division.

Notes from the weekend:

With the assist he picked up in Ottawa Ovi now has at least a point in 18 of 19 Capital victories this season.  CSNwashington.com Corey Masisak stated on the Caps pregame show that Ovichkin, the 2-time MVP 50+ goal scorer is on pace to score 29 goals this season, that’s no misprint, he’s on pace to score 29 goals. Clearly, he’s key in righting the ship and he need’s to step up his performance.

And finally, today’s Caps Grammar Breakdown: we wont know if Coach Boudreau actually said this until the next addition of HBO’s 24/7 airs on Wednesday night but I suspect his post game thoughts from Boston or his reaction to Jason Chimera’s late game penalty in Ottawa went something like this:

F__k you, you f__king f__k.

If you can identify the grammatical uses of the word f__k in this statement not only do you have an impressive command of the language but someone, somewhere will give you prize.